Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals

When It Comes to Jet Ski Rentals, We’re Simply the Best!

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Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals is the premier Jet Ski and WaveRunner Rental in Utah. Offering the most convenient rental location to all major destinations. Renters are able to enjoy their time on the lake like never before.

Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals offers some of the best and newest motorized recreational equipment rentals available and covers the entire state of Utah’s boating lakes and reservoirs. With the quality of watercraft rentals Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals offers, and by updating our rental toys constantly there’s no reason to purchase something you’ll only use a few times a year.

Our Promise to You

At Blue Wave Jet Ski, we believe that you should have fun – without the hassle. Our promise to you is that:

  • We purchase brand new jet skis every year. Only the best are offered for rental.
  • We are meticulous with maintaining our machines. You never have to worry about breakdowns due to inadequate maintenance.
  • We never plaster stickers all over our jet skis. In fact, your friends won’t even know it’s a rental.
  • After each use, we thoroughly wash our machines so that they sparkle in the sunlight.

We know that renting jet skis means you’re going out on the lake for a day of fun. With our machines, you’ll have a high powered machine that zooms through the water at fast speeds, yet provides the utmost in comfort and safety.

Fun for the whole family, our machines fit 2 – 3 people comfortably.

We’re Flexible

All Day Jet Ski Rentals Offered!

Not only are all-day rentals more affordable, you never have to rush back from the lake to drop off your rental again. Don’t have a truck to haul your rental to your destination? No problem, we can deliver it to you!
Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals

Why Choose Us?

We’re just two minutes off of the freeway connecting you to all of the surrounding major lakes. We offer easy access to the highway, and we provide lower rates than the competition. Not located on the beach, we can offer cheaper than-average-rates that you’ll never find at the marina.

When It Comes to Jet Ski Rentals, We’re Simply the Best!

From fast, well-maintained machines to prices that the competition simply can’t offer, we do it all.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call to book your next rental at (801) 923-8185.

Currently Renting: 2023 Sea-Doo GTX PRO 130’s

Feel the Power!